Learning in the Library

What goes on in the Library besides book exchange, author visits, and book fairs, you ask? 
Lots of learning! Since the beginning of the school year, junior classes have been scheduled for Learning Commons blocks where we have the opportunity to work together on Inquiry research projects. Since January, this is who’s been here, and this is what we’ve done:

Ms. Louis’ HSP class– students used LEGO, puppets, and iMovie to create their own fractured fairy tales

Ms. Garbutt and Ms. Simmons grade 5 classes -students worked on an inquiry research project that examined the relationship between First Nations groups in Canada and the early explorers. Their research was used to provide context for a story they are writing/drawing, inspired by the book Red: A Haida Manga by Michael Nicoll Yahgulinaas

Ms. Ganpat grade 3 class – students have started researching the First Nations groups in Southern Ontario and the early settlers who arrived here

Ms. Ramsvik grade 4 – students have started a research inquiry about various Early Civilizations and will then compare them

It’s a busy place of learning!


How do you use technology?

How do you use technology?
David White, a researcher at Oxford, proposes that our use of the Internet depends on our motivation for accessing it, that sometimes we are in ‘visitor’ mode, other times in ‘resident’ mode. He goes on to explain what these terms mean and demonstrates how we can analyze our usage by mapping it. Why is this important? Because if we map our use as educators, and students’ use, we can see where disconnects lie and determine how to help students best use the web to learn.

Visitors & Residents

Student Book Review #5

and a Little Monkey Business
By:Barbara Park
                                     This book is about a girl who knows she has a surprise coming her way but she      
                                does not know what it is.So she starts guess.After her mom says stop                                      
                                she tells her the big news,your going to have a baby sister, isn’t that              
                                 says that’s not exciting I hate it.So after Junie’smom gets mad she leaves.After that
                                  Junie’s dad gets mad and says to go say sorry to her mom.After that Junie ends
                                up saying sorry.While that is going on Junie’s dad fixing up the baby room but                  
                                Junie does not like it. A few days later Junie goes to school and it
                               appears that she gets into a fight.But you have to read the book to find out
                               more about her and how she deals with it.I recommend this book for people
                               who have a baby brother or sister,and rate 8-9 because it’s not the best but i really      
                      like it.
By Kayla Grant

Student Book Review #4

                                                                            Sisters                                                        A graphic novel

                                                       By Raina Telgemeier




I love this book so much, because it shows the tension between two sisters, their names are Amara and Raina Telgemeier. As you can see, one of the sister’s name is Raina,just like the author!Well of course.Because Raina Telgemeier wrote this book about her and her sister’s childhood, isn’t that awesome! This book is pretty much all about when Raina,Amara, their mother Sue and their little brother Will went on a week long road trip to Colorado for a family reunion to see their cousins, aunts, and uncles. Their mom and dad kept arguing with the other adults in the family. Their dad got there by plane. Meanwhile Raina was trying to impress her cousin Lindsay, while Amara didn’t even care that none of her cousins wanted to play with her. She seemed pretty upset when Raina found her crying on the door step. You are going to have to read till the end to find out about the rest of their amazing stories.


By: Zoe Mitchell