“The role of a teacher-librarian, in collaboration with teachers, is to help students become critical thinkers through guided inquiry, to stimulate a love of learning through good literature, to teach not just what to learn but how to learn, to learn with and from them, to help them navigate the digital world and develop positive digital identities, and ultimately to instill in them the sense that the pursuit of knowledge never ends.” 


Happy 2016! Welcome to the RH McGregor Library blog, created to communicate to parents and the community about what’s going on in our physical and virtual spaces. The statement above is my own personal philosophy and I strive to live up to it with the students at RH.

During the first few months of the school year, much of my focus has been to get to know the collection, update and organize it, to get to know the students (there are so many!), and to implement a Learning Commons partnering programme with the teachers and students that integrates technology as much as possible. Oh, and we’ve also already had a couple of author visits. We have been very busy!

It has only been a few months but I can confidently say that RH students LOVE to read, LOVE to sign out books and are active and enthusiastic learners which makes me so very happy to be here. I look forward to keeping that love alive.

T. Tzatzanis

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