Student Book Review #5

and a Little Monkey Business
By:Barbara Park
                                     This book is about a girl who knows she has a surprise coming her way but she      
                                does not know what it is.So she starts guess.After her mom says stop                                      
                                she tells her the big news,your going to have a baby sister, isn’t that              
                                 says that’s not exciting I hate it.So after Junie’smom gets mad she leaves.After that
                                  Junie’s dad gets mad and says to go say sorry to her mom.After that Junie ends
                                up saying sorry.While that is going on Junie’s dad fixing up the baby room but                  
                                Junie does not like it. A few days later Junie goes to school and it
                               appears that she gets into a fight.But you have to read the book to find out
                               more about her and how she deals with it.I recommend this book for people
                               who have a baby brother or sister,and rate 8-9 because it’s not the best but i really      
                      like it.
By Kayla Grant


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