Learning in the Library

What goes on in the Library besides book exchange, author visits, and book fairs, you ask? 
Lots of learning! Since the beginning of the school year, junior classes have been scheduled for Learning Commons blocks where we have the opportunity to work together on Inquiry research projects. Since January, this is who’s been here, and this is what we’ve done:

Ms. Louis’ HSP class– students used LEGO, puppets, and iMovie to create their own fractured fairy tales

Ms. Garbutt and Ms. Simmons grade 5 classes -students worked on an inquiry research project that examined the relationship between First Nations groups in Canada and the early explorers. Their research was used to provide context for a story they are writing/drawing, inspired by the book Red: A Haida Manga by Michael Nicoll Yahgulinaas

Ms. Ganpat grade 3 class – students have started researching the First Nations groups in Southern Ontario and the early settlers who arrived here

Ms. Ramsvik grade 4 – students have started a research inquiry about various Early Civilizations and will then compare them

It’s a busy place of learning!